House Groups

The school has four houses – Hineaiwharona (Green), Hinengawari (Purple), Ngarangihangu (Orange), and Te Maire (White). Students are placed into a house at the beginning of their enrolments with us. We make our best efforts to place students in the same whanau group as their siblings and cousins, however to ensure fairness across all groups, we are not always able to do this.

In addition to the schools positive recognition for behaviour programme where students can earn points for their whanau, throughout the year, various sporting and cultural opportunities are put on by both staff and kaiarahi (senior prefects) to enable whanau groups to earn points. Each learning hub have 4 whanau counter holders that showcase how each is doing for that particular. In the office are the 4 large ones that show how each whanau are progressing throughout the whole school.

Term One Events:

* Senior Athletics

* Senior Swimming Sports

* House Drama

Term Two Events:

* House Song

* Mathletics

* BP Technology Challenge