Hard materials technology is offered from year 7 through to year 13. The aim is for students to further develop their range of skills in workshop safety, design, and product manufacturing.

Year 7 and 8 currently take a term long block course. This course is an introduction to the workshop. They learn- safety within the workshop, hand tool use, some machine use, and the basics of design process to create a small project.

Year 9 and 10 is currently a full year programme. Students learn more about design process, how to use more of the power tools, and how to develop and correct design issues. Year 9 students design and make small projects such as a waka huia and /or a patu, and year 10 students design and make a small table.

The Year 11 course currently offers a range of Achievement and Unit Standards. At this level the students are required to design and build a chair, or small cabinet. Throughout the year the students further their skills in design process, improve their skills with more workshop tools, and learn how to document the stages of what they are making.

The Year 12 and 13 courses currently offer a range of Unit Standards only, administered by BCITO. The focus of the projects for students at these levels is to design and build larger, more complicated projects, such as a gun safe or tv cabinet. Students further develop their design skills, and sharpen their proficiency on the workshop tools, to produce a good quality end product.


Although the students were faced with a restricted time frame due the pandemic this year, they really stepped up to the challenge and produced some amazing products. 

Students were given the task of designing and building something based on a “need” or an “opportunity”. Many of the students were new to Technology, so their acquisition of new skills within the workshop has been outstanding. Great effort 2020 Hard Materials Technology students!