Welcome to
Murupara Area School

Murupara Area School was established in 2013 with a determination to ensure our students achieve success through celebration of their Identity, Language, and Culture and for the school to lie at the heart of the community.

When our tamariki leave Murupara Area School after thirteen years of quality education they will be high-achieving, self-directed learners and able to work collaboratively with purpose. They will be confident, resilient young adults who have a strong sense of identity and who are prepared for wherever their future pathway lies.

Ira (life principles) are the values that weave through all aspects of our school’s daily life. No matter where we are within the school, our daily interactions with one another and with our environment exemplify the values of ira – integrity, respect, and aroha.

Murupara Area School will work in partnership with whānau, hapu, and iwi to ensure our tamariki and rangatahi achieve educational success. Our teachers and staff will support our students to access the best educational opportunities and to successfully navigate their learning journey.

Kia ū te manawanui o ngā ākonga ki ngā taumata tiketike ō ngā whetu

With perseverance our children will reach to the stars