Induction Course

Induction course is a 12-day course held in Waiouru Army Military Camp. Here all 13 Service Academies from the Central North Island Region from Whakatane to Wellington experience the lifestyle of a Soldier, Sailor or Airmen. The students all stay in the Army barracks in their respective platoons commanded by Military Staff. Every day is planned to start at 0530 every morning to late hours of the night. Activities the students participate in are:

  • Military Drill
  • Ethos and Values of the Defence Force
  • Activity based learning
  • Army tent construction
  • Physical Training everyday
  • Mental exercises
  • Leadership tasks
  • Self-pride and confidence
  • NZ Military history
  • Team dynamics
  • Social responsibility work
  • Cross Country in the Army training areas
  • Army assault con course
  • Barrack routine and structure


And many more activities where the students are challenged Mentally, Physically, emotionally. There is no other environment better than being in a real-life Military Camp experience.