It is very important for your children to get into regular routines with regard to daily attendance. Lateness or noticeably irregular attendance jeopardizes a child’s learning opportunities. This may stop them from being considered for programmes such as Reading Recovery, which stipulates that a child must have a good rate of attendance for daily progress to be made.

Absence for more than two days

If student is absent from school for more than two days, you must forward though a written consent to the office or teacher explaining his/her absence or phone through to speak to the Attendance Officer. If your child is sick, a signed current Medical Certificate must be presented to the school office or teacher.


The school requires a note or phone call if your child is absent or late from school. Late arrivals (anytime after 9.00am), must come to the school office to sign in before going to class.

Attendance / Truancy Officer

If you are having issues getting your child/ren to school, feel free to contact the school attendance officer who will be able to support and assist you.

School Contact Details

Phone number: (07) 3665 602
Cell number: (027) 3665 604