Murupara Area School follows the New Zealand Curriculum which involves the delivery of subjects within the learning areas of: English; the Arts; Health and Physical Education; Learning Languages; Mathematics and Statistics; Science; Social Sciences; and Technology. Murupara Area Schools Curriculum strives to develop values, knowledge, skills, and competencies that will enable our students to live full and satisfying lives. When students leave Murupara Area School wants them to leave as confident, connected, actively involved individuals that are prepared to further their learning or enter the workforce.

Overview of how curriculum is delivered in specific years:

Y1-2 Play Based

Y3-4 Play Based and Guided Inquiry

Y5-10 Guided Inquiry

Y11-13 NCEA and Individual Student Programmes

Play Based Learning: This mode of learning assists the development of oral language and social skills in the early years of their learning. At Murupara Area School it is used to accelerate student achievement and create meaningful contexts within specific learning areas.

Guided Inquiry: This mode of learning is where teachers provide the structure or question for students to then inquire about a topic or curriculum area.

Individual Student Programmes: These are programmes designed in consultation with the learner. This is done through subject selection and identifying particular standards within subjects to suit student’s achievement level and pathway. There are a wide range of opportunities provided by Murupara Area School, including: Services Academy, Trades, Gateway, and Adventure Tourism, Hospitality and Technology courses which are funded by STAR. Their academic progress and achievement is monitored by their Learning Advisor.

Te Aka Toitū : This initiative promotes a digital environment where every student has the opportunity to succeed in the future through learning that is accessible ‘anywhere, anytime and at any pace’. Please click on link for further information.