Murupara Area School – Meeting Our Expectations




Kia ū te manawanui ō ngā ākonga ki ngā taumata tiketike ō ngā whetu

With perseverance our children will reach to the stars

When I’m doing things right I can expect: When I get things wrong I can expect:
  • Personal Feeling of Pride and satisfaction.
  • Other people respecting me and recognising my maturity.
  • Greater chance to receive Murupara rewards.
  • Help from teachers and staff to support my learning.
  • Positive comments made directly to me.
  • My parents to be contacted to offer praise.
  • Excellent School reports that show that I meet expectations.
  • To be getting the most out of school.
  • The opportunity to reflect on my behaviour and put right the wrong.
  • A restorative chat to understand where mistakes have been made and how to put it right.
  • Possible removal from class to the Hub withdrawal Area.
  • Being sent to another teacher, Dean, Senior Management Staff, Guidance Staff.
  • Parents to be contacted.
  • Personal time removed at lunchtime, after school, Saturday.
  • Community Service.
  • Help from outside College support agencies.
  • Stand down, Suspension, Exclusion.