Gateway has been designed to help schools meet the learning needs of senior students and enables them to participate in a structured learning workplace. With that are also Cultural Camps that give students the ultimate adventure tourism and Maori cultural experience.

Gateway supplements and complements the student’s existing school programme. In addition, curriculum subjects studied at school, students will gain hands on experience in their preferred vocation. In a workplace environment the employer will take a mentoring role, something that current Gateway employers have found very satisfying. The work that students undertake will be assessed in their workplace, either by the employer or the student’s subject teacher. Gateway students must have an existing career interest and obviously, a strong sense of commitment.

Gateway builds on what the school already has in place. Gateway provides a way to allow practical workplace experience. Assessments can also be more meaningful if it is occurring in a workplace rather than in a simulated situation. Students gain credits in core generic and industry specific standards of their choice. Their achievements are credited towards national qualifications, including National Certificate in Educational Achievement. (NCEA)

For more information please contact Fiona Hewett –  Trades & Gateway Coordinator