Student Support

Student support is offered in many ways to the students of Murupara Area School. Students with special needs, learning or behavioral difficulties, mental health or addictions, or students needing any type of support will be able to get the help they need here.


Students with learning, health, or behavioural needs often need extra support in school. These services are managed by the SENCO. Individual learning plans, teacher aides, etc are all coordinated through the SENCO. The SENCO has access to outside agencies who can provide assistance with planning and funding for these students while they are attending school. If you have any questions, or if your child needs assistance with anything, please contact the school and they will put you in touch with the SENCO.

Social Worker in Schools (SWIS)

The school has access to a social worker who can help support whanau and students. The SWIS has access to funding and outside help to support students and whanau. Referrals are made to the SWIS programs by the SENCO. Please contact the school if you think this would be helpful to your tamariki or your whanau.

RTLB and Special Education Services

Students who are eligible can receive services through the Ministry of Education through special resource teachers or other professionals such as speech and language, psychologists and others. The SENCO will provide will assist families and teachers to refer students for services if needed. These services are free to the students and they will work with students as long as is needed. Please contact the school if you feel your student requires this type of assistance.