Prefects this year are made up from students in year 11 through to students in year 13, they were chosen through student voice by way of votes, and also through staff voice again through votes. Our prefects for this year are Mackenzie Gubb as Head Girl, Pita Warena-Rurehe as Head Boy, Natalie Allen (Y12), Sunni- Mei Duff-Halkett (Y13), Mikayla Lowery (Y12), Cherub Makiri (Y11), Legend Moses (Y12) and Te Aomihia Reedy (Y11). Their roles vary from helping staff on duty, to cleaning the school vans as well as being Role Models for the rest of the students, by wearing the correct uniform and also by displaying the school values of Integrity (Ngākau Tapatahi), Respect (Ngākau Māhaki) and Aroha (Ngākau Aroha).