Whaea Kay’s “Super Snakes”

Kia ora everyone. At the beginning of the year we named our learning group the “Super Snakes” so that we can identify ourselves within the Nioreore hub. As learners we have been learning a variety of skills in our literacy, numeracy and impact learning topics. We are all keen to investigate and try out new things that impact on our learning and are showing more confidence in sharing our ideas with those around us. We have three main foundation days where we learn reading, writing and numeracy in groups that cater to our learning needs. On Friday we have an impact learning day where have discovery time with our overseas visitors and look at a topic through Art, Science, Technology, Health or Social Sciences. On Monday we also incorporate this along with the foundation day learning so that we can make greater use of our skills and strategies in all areas of our learning. Topics we have enjoyed so far have been Snakes, Monsters, and at present Birds, then we will look at Autumn. We have also enjoyed different aspects of learning through play whether it be building with the blocks, colouring in a picture, making tunnels in the sandpit, putting a monster together or making things with the playdough, we like to make learning fun.