Kia ora and welcome to the exciting world of the year 4 area in Nioreore learning Hub.

This term is the first in a busy year 2017. We began our High Impact sessions each Monday and Friday by exploring floating and sinking; predicting what might float or sink and why, making boats and seeing which could hold the most and why or why not! We quickly developed a strong reading culture as this promotes oral language which supports writing and all areas of math. We have a wonderful parent helper come in every day to listen to our students read and to support numeracy practice. Over summer swimming has been a huge part of our fitness with all students participating. Although they are year 4 the majority can swim the length of the town pool and have built up amazing stamina with 4 of our students chosen for the interschool event and out of those two selected for the B.O.P competition. What I have loved seeing is those who can swim, effectively teaching those who cannot. Listening to them offer advice, encouragement to persevere and modelling the necessary skills has been a pleasure. This has not been requested by myself, it has just happened. This shows a strong empathy and level of peer support with the outworking of our school values; Integrity, respect and aroha.